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With over 70 original recipes using fresh ingredients, you and your family will embark on a journey of nutrition and 
cooking education in your very own home kitchen.
Two Pans and a Pot brings together the joy of cooking and quality family time.

Home Cooking 
Two Pans and a Pot focuses on mastering three easy-to-learn basic cooking techniques 
to provide nutritious delicious meals for your family.


What Customers Are Saying About Two Pans And A Pot On Amazon:
New York, NY - "Inspiring! In many households food is love and what better way to say "I love you" than to care deeply about the quality of food one provides for their nearest and dearest. Mr. Sayewitz has rolled knowledge, fun and love into the perfect enchilada here. No family kitchen should be without this book and anyone would feel fortunate to receive one as a gift. I know I am!"

Two Pans and a Pot Featured in The NYPost
This Dad’s Dinners Changed His Son’s Life    
by Jane Ridley  

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Cooking for a Busy Family 
by Jackie Cartier

This cookbook will inspire you through the story of a single father who learned in the midst of his busy life to cook nutritious meals, teach healthy eating habits, and get physically fit.  In this cookbook Barry Sayewitz shares his passion in educating people to unlock natures culinary kingdom, ultimately avoiding processed foods to improve you and your family’s wellbeing.

This unique family cookbook explores topics such as: deceptive food labeling, do I really need to buy organic?, the path food takes from the farm and ocean to your kitchen table, the truth about gluten and how these topics relate to you and your family’s health.

As Barry writes in the book: “There is nothing more satisfying than feeding the ones you love. Cooking can be both simple and gratifying. I’m here to prove it.” 

You will learn how to transform your approach to healthy eating. No complex recipes, no hard to pronounce ingredients, this is a cookbook that teaches you how to intuitively cook with natures fresh ingredients you have on hand. 

Two Pans and a Pot
A cookbook about family, push-ups and fresh foods 
8.5” x 11” full color, high quality hardcover cookbook​

Available on: Amazon and Barnes & Nobles
The ebook version is now available on Barnes & Nobles



We're also excited to announce Two Pans and a Pot has partnered with  
FoodFight’s mission is to revolutionize the way we eat and think about food. Using schools as a platform, FoodFight arms teachers, students, parents and school staff with the tools and knowledge they need to make healthier choices and become role models and agents of change for their families and communities.

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